Thursday, October 2, 2008

Road Trip!

Jenny and I vacationed recently in Nantucket, MA and Martha's Vineyard with a group of couples from Henderson. 

 We travelled on bicycles, touring the region with a company called Backroads.  The group had interesting dynamics.  We represented different professions, age groups and religions.  Our common bonds were our children, who have largely grown up together, and a love of outdoor adventure.  The camaraderie was wonderful. 


Jenny and I spent some extra time in Boston, taking in the sights and a Sox game.  

This was a well-needed, most enjoyable vacation.

We are getting ready for the Evansville YMCA Half Marathon October 12!  My partner, Allen Walker, and I are sponsoring eight office employees to run.  They have nearly completed the 12 week training plan and are excited about the race.  A few of their husbands have also started running.  I will surely post pics afterward.  

The Ironman bug has bitten again.  I have signed up for Ironman Wisconsin 2009.  A great group of guys from this area has signed up as well.  I look forward to getting to know them better as we will spend many hours together over the next year.  Allen Walker is taking the next step in long distance racing after competing in several sprint and Olympic distance triathlons this summer.  He and I will be racing Ironman Florida 70.3 at Disney World in May.  This should keep me off the couch this winter :)  

Professionally, things are going well.  Our practice is busy and the chemistry between the partners in my office is wonderful.  The Women's Hospital, with Deaconess Hospital, has purchased a da Vinci robot for our operating room.  This should add to our ability to provide the latest in minimally invasive surgery options for our patients.  This is really an exciting time in medicine. 

Jennifer is a new co director for the First Baptist Church youth Sunday school department.   She is so talented.  Her organizing and planning is incredible.  We have also remained as 11th grade SS teachers.  The kids are a joy.  Our plate is full! 

Hope all is well with you and yours, Marshall

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Summer 2008

Yes, I am alive and enjoying a wonderful summer. My sons' musical education continued in May with a trip to Noblesville, IN to take in the sounds of rock icon Eric Clapton. He played largely a blues set with a few of the classics thrown in. We sat on the lawn and watched the stage and the jumbotron in awe. Marshall IV and Jackson each play guitar and were blown away. Marshall especially, since he is a Fender Stratocaster man. Bad weather hit Indy toward the end of the show, forcing us to listen to "Wonderful Tonight" and "Layla" under a blanket as cover from a lightening storm. Little did we know, but tornadoes hit Indy that night as we drove through town on our way home. We had a fantastic night, and we also realize how fortunate we were to stay safe. I have introduced the Rolling Stones and now Clapton to the boys. They are taking me to see 3 Doors down later this month as a Father's Day present. I'm expanding my horizons!

June was very special for our family, as we vacationed in Washington state and Idaho. It was the first time our boys had been that far west. For me the trip was even more exciting because I raced Ironman Coeur d' Alene the first Sunday of our trip. The weekend was picture perfect with temps in the 60's and 70's and no humidity. I think God was paying me back nicely for the bad weather Pete and I endured in Wisconsin in '06. Our home base was at our cousin's home in Sand Point, Idaho. Steve Kirby described Sand Point as a "slice of Heaven"...and it was.

I never felt the same prerace nervousness that I felt in Wisconsin. I guess the "can I do it" question had already been answered. Now the question was, "can I do it better than last time?" Raceday weather was perfect. The water in Lake Coeur d' Alene was a chilly 59 degrees. We all wore the recommended neoprene skull caps and swim socks with our wet suits. I was toasty! The mass start was much more chaotic than the tread water start in Madison, but the crowd separated into compatible groups half way into the first lap. I was thrilled with my personal best swim split of 1:08:30!

The bike course was divided into three parts: flat and fast, technical small hills and neighborhoods, and brutal wooded hills. Every part was scenic. The worst hill, on English Point Road,was so beautiful that you almost forgot that you felt like hurling up your lungs!

My bike strategy paid off well, as I pushed harder than in Wisconsin. I still got passed lots, but I also did my share of passing as I tried to stay consistent. My Zipp carbon wheels from Race Day Rentals were awesome, if only for my confidence. I finished the bike in 6:21:01 at 17.6 mph over the 112 mile, 2 loop course. By increasing my average speed by nearly 2 mph over my Wisconsin race, I shaved 50 min off my time. My strategy was working! But could I run the marathon?

My marathon strategy was unchanged: Run the whole way except through the aid stations. This broke the race into 26 one mile runs which was very doable for me. I did not notice as many people walking this time. I guess this was because I finished a little earlier on the bike. It seemed that my pace was comfortable for lots of folks, as I seemed to run with the same group for the bulk of the run. I saw Jenny and the boys several times during the run. Marshall IV reminded me of a T shirt when I saw him at mile 12. It said, "Some consider the marathon to be the ultimate test of human endurance. Ironmen call it a cool down!" Some cool down, I thought to myself. The boys said I looked strong at that point, and that got me charged for the final push home.

The finish line emotions were totally different this time. Instead of a feeling of huge accomplishment like before, it was more a feeling of satisfaction that I had given a stronger showing this time and had cut more than an hour off of my previous time. I finished the marathon in 4:47:42 for a total time of 12:36:47.

Lots of folks ask me if I am through with iron distance racing. Right now is probably not the best time to commit one way or another because of how I feel physically. But who knows. I may wander over to Arizona in 2009. Hey Pete, didn't you live there for awhile!

I need to close now. I'll leave you with some pictures of my Iron Crew. I love them and thank them so much. If you are reading this, I also thank you for your support, phone calls and messages.

I'll post again sooner, as the summer has more in store.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Flying Pigs! My Wife Rocks Part II

Our weekend was great! Jennifer added to her endurance sport resume, and we are so proud of her! She ran her first marathon today on a hilly Cincinnati terrain. Yes, she "Jogged with the Hog" at the Flying Pig Marathon, finishing strong at 4 hr and 37 min.

The weekend was made special also in that we got to visit with Mike and Sharon Smith, great friends from college. Sharon and Lincoln ran today as well and were outstanding.

We saw some interesting characters as well.

Enjoy the photos,


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey this is little Marshall and I think you should check out my dad on myspace at ok. It's pretty cool.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break

Sorry about the long gap between entries. I am enjoying a rare, quiet moment alone in Palm Coast, Florida. We are here on Spring Break and are experiencing cool, rainy weather. Oh well, I guess it's better than cold, rainy weather at home.

Our family has had a busy winter. The boys have been involved with basketball and swim team. This has now evolved into baseball, track and soccer. Jenny is training for her first marathon, the Flying Pig, next month. I am proud of her dedication. From all I have read, the Pig is extremely hilly. I hope she doesn't walk away from marathon running after such a tough first one.

Ironman training this winter has gone well. I don't have the sense of nervousness that I had, leading up to Wisconsin in 2006. I am following Gayle Bernhardt's training plan. She has been one of the USA Olympic Triathlon Team coaches. Her plan seems to fit in well with my abilities. I have picked up my running speed after three months on the treadmill. I ran 14 miles with a group from Tristate Athletic Club last weekend. They were training for Boston next month. We averaged 8:30 min miles, which for me is unheard of.

My swimming is back into a groove now. The plan started with a high volume of swimming. I do most of my endurance work alone, and try to swim with a masters group at the club once or twice a week for speed work. That can be fairly humbling, but the support has been great.

I had a fantastic bike ride yesterday! I headed down A1A towards Daytona, when I hooked up with Jake and Calvin of the Daytona Beach Bicycle Club, heading for a group ride. About 12 of us rode north in a draft line, averaging 23mph into a head wind! It was an exhilarating experience! I had to quickly learn the dynamics of group riding. You really appreciate the benefits of drafting in the peloton. This is definitely not the type of riding I will be doing much of, but it was a fantastic diversion. I did manage to snap this pic near the beginning of the group ride.

I will try to post more. I really enjoy keeping up with friends through blogging.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Break

Our family spent fall break last week in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Our tour director was Miss Jenny, who has planned, organized and labored over details of the trip for what seems like six months. Everything was seamless. We had a wonderful time, and I think we all have a greater appreciation for our nation's history and current government. I was surprised and proud of how much our kids already knew about these great places we toured. Highlights for me were the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and watching a Supreme Court trial. I also enjoyed shopping and hanging out in Georgetown. Seeing the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives after visiting Independence Hall in Philly, where it was signed, made me feel very connected with our founding fathers.

Yo Adrienne! I am thankful for safe travel. Enjoy these photos. More pics of the backyard coming soon.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Great Weekend In Chicago

PR for me at the Chicago Accenture Triathlon last weekend! It was one of my most satisfying races. I improved in all three disciplines. I had my best bike split yet and my run got stronger as I went. This gets me jazzed for next summer!

Jackson raced on Saturday, but due to recent heavy storms in Chicago, his triathlon was converted to a run-bike-run duathlon. He did well, but as an 11 year old in the 11-14 age range, it was tough for him.

Our backyard is slowly coming together. We have a great team working on our project. Jim Stradtner, who owns The Pool Doc, and Brian Beard have been super. The pool is in and we are swimming with the Fast Lane. It feels like doing interval sprints on a treadmill. It definitely has an open water feel to it.

Marshall and Jackson had their first Holy Name School cross country meet yesterday. They did well against some tough competition.

Enjoy the pics,